Charlotte Matiba BSc, FdSc

Charlotte is a Hearing Aid Audiologist who graduated from the University of Manchester in 2013 with a BSc in Neuroscience.  She continued her studies at De Montfort University, and obtained her degree in Hearing Aid Audiology in 2017 she is currently advancing her studies in Hearing Sciences at Anglia Ruskin University in the UK. 

She spent her professional career to date as a skilled audiologist  completing hearing tests, fitting hearing aids and treating patients with their hearing difficulties because of wax build up.

She is currently focusing on ear wax removal, helping patients who prior to treatment may be experiencing symptoms such as decreased hearing, buzzing or soreness in their ears or just a feeling blocked and uncomfortable.

Charlotte has a passion for raising awareness on hearing health. She has given talks to health professionals and members of the public at events such as Healthwatch East Sussex 2019, where she discussed how hearing loss contributes to isolation, and took part in the Loneliness and Isolation talk in St Leonards later that year.  She also supports the National Deaf Children’s society in the UK.

She also regularly conducts hearing assessments and earwax removals; and having taken part in the IDA institute training for audiologists, she has adopted a person-centred approach when carrying out these assessments.

Charlotte has a very gentle approach when removing ear wax and through her considerable experience understands the best method to use.